Beautiful Busy Background

October 10, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Even if you're not a fan of alliteration, these images show the beauty and value of an appropriately busy background, whereas "busyness" is usually against the "rules" of good product photography.

The area of an image that is not the subject can support or compete with that subject, and supporting usually means simplicity of detail and reduction in contrast (of color and/or in brightness). In these examples, despite (or is it because of?) a visually busy surface texture, each aircraft stands out beautifully.

In this first image, an MD 520N over a lake in Arizona, the wedge of brighter reflections leads right through the aircraft, emphasizing its shape. High back-lighting, also often considered a no-no, adds to the drama and eye-catching appeal of the composition.

The second image, a Sikorsky 333 over a lake high in the Rockies of Colorado, has sunlight filtered through high clouds, so the aircraft is softly lit but the water still sparkles.

In and around Rotors of the Rockies of Broomfield, just outside Denver.

In each case it is the high-frequency repetitiveness of the busyness that allows the subject to stand out. Plus, on a compositional note, I left plenty of background in the frame, giving the aircraft room to breathe, figuratively, or to hold text or other artwork. Perfect for a brochure or a two-page spread in a magazine.

The value of vibrant visuals prevails! (Sorry — I couldn't help myself.)


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