Looking Down When You're Up

October 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I've been doing quite a bit of air-to-air work recently, and those images will show up when the time is right, but my most recent flight had me in the back of the aircraft for, essentially, a ride-along. It's always good to fly, at least for me, and I always have a camera. (Actually, I had three because, well, that's what I do!) The point is, shooting when the subject aircraft is not the subject is a good thing to do. (Think "background," "environmental," "mood," "mission.")

Here are three images from the air, created when the opportunities presented themselves. The first is of Detroit Metro Airport. A good, clean, balanced composition, shot on a clear day, showing the air transport industry at work.

Next, a couple of bends in the "Red Mountain" section of the Arizona 202 loop around Phoenix, shot after sunset while returning to base, illuminated by a dim golden sky to the west (behind me).


A water park near downtown Denver, heading to capture the subject ship over the capitol building. It was mid-afternoon with high clouds, yielding this very soft illumination.

In and around Rotors of the Rockies of Broomfield, just outside Denver.

Three different situations, three different opportunities to bring home images that might be useful, somehow, sometime. It's what a photographer does! (Well, it's what this photographer does.)


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