A Very Bold Trojan

September 05, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The Commemorative Air Force has reorganized their various member organizations and what had been the Arizona Wing is now Airbase Arizona, one of the largest units in the CAF (with a B-17, B-25, and more). This photo shows a T-28 Trojan parked in one of their hangars, looking out at a standard Arizona day — CAVU*.

I was volunteering there when I noticed this view of the aircraft and how the light and reflections were working. So I captured a few frames then, at the computer, pumped the color even more to get this effect. You must admit, it's an eye-catching rendition.

NA T-28 Trojan 20130608 04dxU

You can learn more about the aircraft and its stablemates at Airbase Arizona at www.azcaf.org.

* Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited


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