A Bright Future?

October 04, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I keep waiting for the day this DC-7 flies again. I understand it made an attempt that was aborted, resulting in some blown tires. That must have been exciting. Still, they keep working on it, and as long as it keeps sitting where it is (Coolidge, Arizona) I keep capturing angles and details that bring it to life, at least in pixels and print. (Hmm, the key is hanging in the nose gear well, so maybe if nobody is looking…)



(C) Chris J Price (C) Chris J Price _MSB8238

I pushed the colors quite a bit, both because I like the look and because bright colors are not what we normally associate with an old airplane that spends its time grounded in the Arizona desert.

Seldom will your subject be both static and, over time, changing as this DC-7 has been, but when the situation arises — over and over, as this one has — looking more than once is the right move.


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